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  • Business Administrator – a job description

    //This is a new stage in the saga for finding that special Business Administrator. This time, it’s in English. Reading it outside of context may do little for you. Could also call this “evolve job descriptions” 🙂 I want you to be happy. I can’t measure that but I’ll...

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  • Teamfluent – learning as the core

    I’ve grown up in a world where Learning was “theirs”. Be they parents, educators or random social influencers, “they” owned learning. They also had a sacred duty to lay it on me. As they did, it did not necessarily stick in the ways they expected. They had plans for me and...

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  • How to Evolve Retirement

    I have a considerable list of simple life concepts that I believe are required to evolve. Otherwise they will just breed frustration. On this list I have the concept of RETIREMENT. If you know me, you’ve heard me include it often in my discourse. Let me scratch its surface...

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  • Thinslices – different is possible

    Thinking back, 15 years ago, when I departed home to pursue College in another town, I was ecstatic to leave. At the time that I am leaving Thinslices I am deeply saddened and somewhat afraid. I so very much wish to have also felt this way back then, when I...

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  • ITPositive – lessons from my 7 years in this business

    ITPositive was the second business I ever started, instead of attending regular University courses. Towards the end of my seven years history with it, the context became difficult to handle. But to this day it remains one of the achievements that shaped me. It taught me lots, it increased...

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  • Miolk – a business after my own heart

    You know that one project that you love because you get to do it the way you want? The one where you do not HAVE to act in an imposed way? The one that really represents who you are and how you do things? When it comes to business, Miolk is...

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