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Be good, be unbreakable. Grow unbreakable relationships. Solve life. Build a legacy.

  • Evolve marriage

    Dedicated, with my very best wishes, to all the lasses and lads around me that decided to take “the big step”. You are that which may yet save this society. Getting married!? You don’t know what you’re signing up for And that’s just fine. Life is full of twists...

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  • Make better gifts! Evolve gifts making.

    And so it is Christmas (soon). As me and the Lady of the manor are considering the presents list, I can’t shake a grinch-like-feeling. It is the Jolly Spirit of Social Pressured Purchasing and Exchanging of More and More Stuff. As I am looking forward to that next PeeJay set...

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  • How to Evolve Retirement

    I have a considerable list of simple life concepts that I believe are required to evolve. Otherwise they will just breed frustration. On this list I have the concept of RETIREMENT. If you know me, you’ve heard me include it often in my discourse. Let me scratch its surface...

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  • Thinslices – different is possible

    Thinking back, 15 years ago, when I departed home to pursue College in another town, I was ecstatic to leave. At the time that I am leaving Thinslices I am deeply saddened and somewhat afraid. I so very much wish to have also felt this way back then, when I...

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  • Spread the Magic – the meaning of a game

    I am unable to simply participate in something I like. It’s a blessing and a curse, really.  I feel driven to seek ever increasing purpose in what I am doing. I do keep telling myself that perhaps I should simply enjoy it. But noooo, I just have to view...

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  • Turnul Nostru (Our Tower) – two lessons learnt from working for my community

    Officially this project is meant to be an inspiration. A practical demonstration that “something good can be done about our city, by regular citizens”. After 5 years I know it has achieved some of that purpose. Just like for any idea, timing is key. I’ve learnt my lessons. I’m not going to...

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