Category: Evolution

Be good, be unbreakable. Grow unbreakable relationships. Solve life. Build a legacy.

  • Evolve marriage

    Dedicated, with my very best wishes, to all the lasses and lads around me that decided to take “the big step”. You are that which may yet save this society. Getting married!? You don’t know what you’re signing up for And that’s just fine. Life is full of twists...

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  • Business Administrator – a job description

    //This is a new stage in the saga for finding that special Business Administrator. This time, it’s in English. Reading it outside of context may do little for you. Could also call this “evolve job descriptions” ūüôā I want you to be happy. I can’t measure that but I’ll...

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  • Teamfluent – learning as the core

    I’ve grown up in a world where Learning was “theirs”. Be they parents, educators or random social influencers, “they” owned learning. They also¬†had a sacred duty to lay¬†it on me. As they did, it did not necessarily stick in the ways they expected. They had plans for me and...

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  • Make better gifts! Evolve gifts making.

    And so it is Christmas (soon). As me and the Lady of the manor are considering the presents list, I can’t shake a grinch-like-feeling. It is the Jolly Spirit of Social Pressured Purchasing and Exchanging of More and More Stuff. As I am looking forward to that next PeeJay¬†set...

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  • Evolve the Romanian Electoral System, here is how

    There has been a lot of material going around these days about how you have to vote. If you don’t actually vote you still influence the result of the elections, favouring the winner. And if you do vote and decided to null¬†your vote, you’re not having a better impact,...

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  • How to Evolve Retirement

    I have a considerable list of simple life concepts that I believe are required to evolve. Otherwise they will just breed frustration. On this list I have the concept of RETIREMENT. If you know me, you’ve heard me include it often in my discourse. Let me scratch its surface...

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