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  • Care sunt urmatorii pasi?

    Nu fac parte dintre cei care cred ca inca vreo cateva zile de proteste, chiar si mai mari decat pana acum, sunt suficiente pentru a obtine abrogarea. Fac parte din grupul celor care sunt preocupati de identifica urmatorii pasi in lupta non-violenta. Fac parte din grupul celor care cred ca...

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  • Unde e protestul antreprenorilor?

    Daca se organizeaza protestul antreprenorilor undeva specific, sa stiti ca n-am primit invitatia la eveniment. Ca sa fiu clar, eu o problema am pe lumea asta si ea se manifesta atunci cand “n-am cu cine, ba”. Nu e despre de ce, ce, unde sau cum. E doar despre a...

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  • Plan de contra-atac

    Fac o introducere si apoi va propun ceva concret. Bottom line: daca stii pe cineva care ar trebui sa afle de intentia mea, te rog fa-ne legatura. Introducerea Evenimentele din seara de Marti, 31 Ianuarie, dovedesc clar natura ofensiva a politicii de guvernamant curente. E totul pe fata acum. Deci,...

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  • Evolve the Romanian Electoral System, here is how

    There has been a lot of material going around these days about how you have to vote. If you don’t actually vote you still influence the result of the elections, favouring the winner. And if you do vote and decided to null your vote, you’re not having a better impact,...

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  • Spread the Magic – the meaning of a game

    I am unable to simply participate in something I like. It’s a blessing and a curse, really.  I feel driven to seek ever increasing purpose in what I am doing. I do keep telling myself that perhaps I should simply enjoy it. But noooo, I just have to view...

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  • Turnul Nostru (Our Tower) – two lessons learnt from working for my community

    Officially this project is meant to be an inspiration. A practical demonstration that “something good can be done about our city, by regular citizens”. After 5 years I know it has achieved some of that purpose. Just like for any idea, timing is key. I’ve learnt my lessons. I’m not going to...

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