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    I’ve grown up in a world where Learning was “theirs”. Be they parents, educators or random social influencers, “they” owned learning. They also had a sacred duty to lay it on me. As they did, it did not necessarily stick in the ways they expected. They had plans for me and wanted to enable me to carry them out. Noble of them. Sort of.

    It took about 20 years for me to figure out my own, far more ambitious plans and claim Learning for myself. By 30 I have pretty much achieved the plans others initially had for me. Had I not reclaimed Learning for myself, it would have been probably lost by now. As it stands, it is evolving for me – from social norm, trough becoming the means to an end, into psychological hygiene factor. And it is such a wonder to behold how different Learning is now compared to then. It makes me feel bad for all the time I “lost”, unaware of my ownership.

    As I’m contemplating raising our children, I know that the first lesson they need to about Learning is that it belongs to them, intimately. Others may never take it away and they should never give it up.

    The World, as I know it, only has one problem.

    Ignorance. Continuous learning is an expression of our modest yet very relevant wisdom that the World will always have this problem. The immediate next problem the World is facing is not recognising ignorance as its main problem. Because even if we may never achieve complete and continuous enlightenment (as we don’t achieve perfection, happiness, etc), at least we can position ourself and our efforts correctly. Doing so will make all the difference in this journey.

    Learning and the modern-day educators

    As the last decade saw amazing progress in terms of education we must recognise the role that businesses have played as a motivator and education source. I have learnt how to create value largely after my formal education was complete, working on and with businesses. Any modern-day business is first and foremost an education business.There is tremendous potential in this idea. We are still at the beginning of the road.

    At Teamfluent I am working with people that chose this direction to make their impact in the world and I am super excited about it. Check out some info put together to start-off the conversation about the importance of a Learning Culture in growing businesses.

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    10 Workplace Learning Facts [Infographic]

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