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  • Spread the Magic – the meaning of a game

    I am unable to simply participate in something I like. It’s a blessing and a curse, really.  I feel driven to seek ever increasing purpose in what I am doing. I do keep telling myself that perhaps I should simply enjoy it. But noooo, I just have to view every such reality as an invitation to enhance it. Realistically speaking this tendency brought me satisfaction and growth in the past and it still does. But it messes with my ability to enjoy what I have here and now. Happiness is in the here and now. Let me tell you how a game can be the perfect pretext for people to gather, get to know one-another and grow relationships for even greater outcomes.

    What’s in a game?

    Magic: the Gathering is a great example for what I’m saying above. It’s a game of cards. A playground for the mind. It’s a fantasy world come alive inviting you to play a role in its unfolding. If you want to give the topic an hour or so, you’ll see what I’m trying to say. Otherwise it’s hard for me to properly explain it in a few words.

    Suffice to say I gave this game a few years of my hobby-life. The main reason was its community. In a world where the norm of a gamer means time spent in front of a screen this game is about personal interaction. You meet your opponent face-to-face. That makes it easy to bond outside the game and within it. The second reason is that it stoked my competitive spirit. It’s not easy to find a playground that you enjoy which offers you the opportunity to play in 2000 people strong competitions. To this day, such thrill is unique by far, in my personal experience.

    In this context, empowered by my hunger for more, I set out to put together the largest MTG competition in Romania. I succeeded.

    Here’s what mattered

    A real community is a truly beautiful thing to behold. I hardly care what its purpose is (provided it is respectful to life in general). I don’t believe our community at that point had matured, but it came trough wonderfully. It would have been impossible for me otherwise.

    The event was free of charge. That was made possible with the contribution of another community: Cercul Donatorilor Iasi. I pitched the idea of “people financing other people to play a game” and made it stick. I believed then what I believe now: communities are one of the ways that our city will evolve towards its next level. To this day I carry with me the trust of the donors that believed in my ability to bring a community together. And I’m not done with this path, not at all.

    We have a great partner in Lex Hobby Store. As a local business it has done a lot to sustain the local community, beyond the scope of this particular event.

    So, what do you think about it!?


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